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Your shortcut to getting smarter about your cryptocurrency taxes.

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The days of claiming cryptocurrency tax ignorance are over. This guide is one of the best and fastest resources to ramp up your cryptocurrency tax literacy ASAP.

The IRS has been aggressively cracking down on unreported trades by cryptocurrency traders. Our guide is designed to immediately help you save money on your taxes and keep you in good standing with the IRS.

Through our partnership with Arbitus LLC, a tax advisory firm that solely focuses on cryptocurrency taxes, we are also able to schedule personal consultations with a licensed CPA and tax professionals.

After studying this guide, you will likely be more knowledgeable on cryptocurrency taxation than many CPAs. 

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Don’t let fear, procrastination, or ignorance be the reason you get his with a massive “amount owed bill by the IRS.

Any investment, even cryptocurrency, comes with a legal responsibility to file your taxes. If you've been trading cryptocurrency over the past few years, you've probably accumulated hundreds or thousands of different trades that you owe some sort of tax on. 

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Introducing: The CoinCentral Cryptocurrency Tax Kit


This Cryptocurrency Tax Kit is a 60+ page educational guide designed to get you sharp and smart about your cryptocurrency taxes in one sitting. 

But we didn't stop there. We also included a bunch of goodies like practice problems, step-by-step upload instructions, a tracking spreadsheet, and more.

It's important to note that this guide is solely education tax information. Nothing in this guide is tax advice, nor a guarantee. That being said, everything in our cryptocurrency tax kit has been written by a Certified Public Accountant and peer-reviewed by other CPAs. 

The Cryptocurrency Tax Kit

  • 60+ Page Cryptocurrency Tax Guide
  • Accounting Definition Guide
  • Cryptocurrency Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Video Demo of (Free) Crypto Tax Software
  • Cryptocurrency Practice Problems
  • Handy IRS Information Guide
  • Step-by-Step Exchange Download Instructions
  • Access (1) Tax AMA

Cryptocurrency Tax Essentials

  • 60+ Page Cryptocurrency Tax Guide
  • All the Tax Kit Bonus items
  • **30 Minute 1-on-1 Consultation with Tax Pro**
  • *Free* Crypto Starter Tool Kit

Platinum "No Stress Package"

  • 60+ Page Cryptocurrency Tax Guide
  • All the Tax Kit Bonus Items
  • **30 Minute Consultation With Tax Pro**
  • Have a CPA Prepare Your Crypto Capital Gains Report for You for up to 5 cryptocurrency Exchanges, up to 1,000+ Historical Transactions
  • *Free* Crypto Starter Tool Kit
  • Trader Account - $600 Value

Platinum High Frequency Trader

  • 60+ Page Cryptocurrency Tax Guide
  • All the Tax Kit bonus Items
  • **30 Minute 1-on-1 Consultation with Tax Pro
  • Have a CPA Prepare Your Crypto Capital Gains Report for You for up to 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges, up to 5,000+ Historical Transactions, Mining Income, Margin Trading, Cryptocurrency Earnings
  • *Free* Crypto Starter Tool Kit
  • Trader Account - $600 Value
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Alex Moskov, CoinCentral Editor-in-Chief

“Cryptocurrency investors are some of the largest risk-takers in the world, and the best risk-takers tend to also be phenomenal risk managers. Cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the IRS has already issued some firm guidelines. If you’ve made dozens or thousands of trades in the past few years, you need to know how your gains and losses are going to be treated.”

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Thabo Abbate, CPA

“I've worked with many cryptocurrency investors and traders. They all share the same two concerns. They are worried because they have not been reporting their cryptocurrency trades but they are also confused about where to start. We created this guide to solve those problems."

Cryptocurrency - successful investors

We made this because we need it. As cryptocurrency advocates, we want to do everything in our power to further legitimize the digital asset industry. Our Cryptocurrency Tax Kit is written by a licensed CPA who also happens to be a major cryptocurrency dork.

Experienced CPAs charge their clients hundreds of dollars to provide high-quality information about cryptocurrency taxes. We've taken all that same information and distilled it into this guide.

Here’s what your life looks like with the Cryptocurrency Tax Kit

As discussed, this kit includes all the information you need to get your cryptocurrency accounting literacy to navigate your cryptocurrency taxes on a much higher level than before. As part of our package, you'll get: 

self growth
Keep up to date
All the key players


Our 60+ page guide is designed to rapidly ramp up your cryptocurrency tax literacy within one or two sittings. All substance, no fluff: It's packed with everything you need and nothing that you don't, such as:

Understanding your tax liability, calculation methods, handling exchange fees, hard forks, airdrops, theft & casualty losses, gifting and donating crypto, mining, possible tax avoidance strategies, and more.



A breakdown of all the key terms you need to know to talk, sound, and conversate like an accountant. We demystify the lingo used by the IRS so you feel more confidant in understanding the rules you need to follow.  

Cryptocurrency Tracking Spreadsheet

The same tracking sheets used by CPAs that are also compatible with cryptocurrency tax software. 


Step-by-step instructions for how to download your transactions from all major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and more. 


Get comfortable with cryptocurrency accounting and using cryptocurrency tax software with our practice problems before trying it with your own data


Essentials, Premium, and Platinum members receive a free one-on-one conversation with a tax professional to discuss your individual situation. Ask as many questions as you want within the allotted time span. 


A quick and easy breakdown of pertinent IRS notices and forms as they relate to cryptocurrency. 

3 years hard work

Having the best resources shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg (or a Bitcoin), and neither should mistakes that could easily be avoided.

We worked hard to put this kit together to make sure you leave with a much clearer and actionable understanding of cryptocurrency taxes.